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Alcoholic Narcolepsy

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As soon as I had begun my fixation on Steve Warwicks Heatsick project, he turns around and starts another one: Hungover Breakfast. This debut one-sided C30 feels more like a strong jab than a first round KO. Running around ten minutes or so, this is a spluttering mass of viscous feedback clouds. Like Heatsick there are winks of recognisable guitar parts / sounds at the edges, but the focus is on frequency fucking. Patterns emerge as the choppy sounds begin to resemble Qbert-like scribbling; Warwicks ill treatment outlines tentative images that are burned quickly into the head. Things go briefly haywire as a ZX breakdown almost brings the piece to a full halt before zipping back into and through higher micro frequencies. -\r\nScott McKeating, Stylus Magazine.

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