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HUNTING LODGE - Unearthed + Son of Will

Easy Listening

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Physical release of 1982 archival recording Unearthed", Hunting Lodges recent Silent Records digital release, backed with "Son Of Will" - a side of previously unreleased and rare material recorded in 1983 during the sessions that produced the Will album. This tape marks the return of S/M Operations, 30+ years after dissolution. Professionally duplicated tapes, double sided art. One time limited edition of 150 copies. Released in cooperation with Easy Listening and Silent Records." - Easy Listening.
"For 35 years, UNEARTHED was a TDK AD-X 60 minute cassette tape buried in my archives.The cover was labeled "Korg solo stuff 82 – 83 in my handwriting. Side A of the tape itself read Skott Rushe Solo w/ L.C.Diehl producing Dobly no in Lons handwriting. This shows how early it was in our friendship - he didnt know how to spell my last name and to be honest, I dont think I knew how to spell Diehl.
My memories of those days are hazy but Im certain this was recorded in Lons first apartment in Port Huron. The same place where the foundation of Sounds Like A Picture was recorded as well as Banishing Dirge. The same place where Lon called me late one night to say he had the new Despair video from SPK and I immediately rushed over with BK Whoppers 
and 40s. It was also the crash pad after countless pitchers of beer at Roche Bar honing our world domination plans.
Im also 100 per cent certain that this session was an alcohol fueled midnight experiment, mixing cigarettes, booze and synthesizers into some kind of industrial strength muck. Feeding my Korg MS20 synthesizer into Lons harmonizer and Korg Stage Echo machines, Lon doing his best industrial Lee Scratch Perry to my best Maurizio Bianchi.
So here it is, UNEARTHED, in all its glory, the closest you may ever get to a pure Hunting Lodge "noise" piece, vintage 1982.
- Richard Skott 2017.
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