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ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI & YOJI KURI - Obscure Tape Music Of Japan Vol.9 - Drip Music

Omega Point

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Yoji Kuri is an experimental animation artist in Japan has acted since early 60s. His name is well-known not only by many works full of black humour in 60s-70s, but also the sound materials were made by avant-garde composers (Toru Takemitsu, Yoko Ono, and others). This new edition is combined Ichiyanagis unpublished tape work (it was sleeping at Kuris studio 30 years) with Kuris written off fantastic manga work (16pp) inspired by the sound. In 1966, Yabunirami no Concert" (manga book with 7" single) was published by Kuri privately. This "Drip Music" is similar style issue since then." -Omega Point

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