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IDEA FIRE COMPANY - Live Archives Volume 1 WMUA 23 May 1999

Lessons About History

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Lessons About History is a brand new weapon in the Swill Radio umbrella. LAH will specialize in digital objects of live and studio performances\r\nculled from the Swill Radio archives presented to the public for the first time. The exceptional musical interest and historical value of these\r\nrecordings should help the listener shed some light on the vast and mysterious world of Swill Radio.\r\n\r\nThe series begins with a legendary IFCO radio show from 1999 with Karla and me joined by Graham Lambkin. This was our second show with Graham, the first being earlier in the day at the then-nascent Flywheel in Easthampton MA. (The Hardest Working Band In Rock!) We all worked together so well that it wasnt long before Tart was formed, but thats another story. This set showcases IFCO at its most languid, spacey, and electronic. Ill-fitting\r\nmachine dreams. Excellent recording straight from the radio feed. A gorgeous representation of IFCO live during our Anti-Natural period. Professionally printed CDRs in full colour jackets. -Lessons About History\r\n

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