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IDEA FIRE COMPANY - Vital: Live In Europe

Swill Radio

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In March\r\n2006, IFCO made their first appearances in Europe. Core members Karla\r\nBorecky and Scott Foust linked up with Frans de Waard and hit selected hot\r\nspots in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Adding de Waard (Beequeen,\r\nShifts, Kapotte Muziek, Freiband, etc) was a brave gamble that paid off\r\nhandsomely. Armed with only a tiny digital keyboard (Borecky), a\r\nradio/cassette boombox and small echo unit (Foust), and a sawed off MS 20\r\n(de Waard), the trio captivated audiences large and small. On these\r\nselected recordings, IFCO exhibit a virile murkiness, an almost desperate\r\nmuscularity. Warnings from a dwindling outpost. Five tracks, 52 minutes.\r\nIncludes two versions of the haunting Pleasure Cruise. Digipak edition of\r\n300.- Swill Radio.

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