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In April 2011 Giuseppe Ielasi and Andrew Pekler met for a three-day recording session at Peklers studio in Berlin. In a comfortable atmosphere and with a minimum of preparation, the two artists endeavored to find common musical ground through their shared interests in sample manipulation, layering textures, and improvisation. Some months later, Ielasi auditioned the recordings and then mixed down his favorite passages. To a few of these selections Pekler then added an overdub or an edit, but for the most part Holiday for Sampler is a document of real-time interaction. The title Holiday for Sampler and the holiday resort names of the individual track titles are an oblique reference to both the pleasures of leisure travel and to the interplay of the familiar and the foreign themes at the center of Ielasis and Peklers artistic practice. One-time pressing edition limited to 250 copies, mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and with cover artwork by Andrew Pekler. - Planam.

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