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INNERCITY - Backworld


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"Second album from Belgian synthscaper Hans Dens, following up the highly acclaimed Future Life LP from 2010 (Aguirre Records). While being rooted in the Belgian underground alongside acts like Orphan Fairytale and Dolphins Into The Future, Innercity brings a more dystopic and bleak approach to the table with its monotonous and rhythmic set of sounds. 6 tracks. Recorded August 2010 in Antwerp. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson. Edition of 300 copies. Co-release with Release The Bats". - Ikuisuus.

"[Innercity] reflects biological diversity in spirit form, beautifully shifting from one amorpha to the next via repetition and mutation, like spirits basking in the Coptic glow of life before consciousness." - Daniel Lopatin, Oneohtrix Point Never.
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