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INSIDE 2 STOOPID TRIANGLES/ RAI KO RIS - Nepali Punk: It's Just the Beginning - Underground Nepal

Tian An Men 89

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"Released October 2001, on ice clear vinyl, sold out

Jump on the first Himalayan punk record ever released! We hung out with the guys in Kathmandu in November 1998 and they are real pioneers! The record presents an overview of Nepali punk history up to now, including songs in English and Nepali. Sushil of Inside 2 Stoopid Triangles (which had been a loose association of punk musicians including also former members of Zhilkey And The Rockers and Ghanta Band) joined Rai Ko Ris, a new band jamming at the Bamboo Club in Thamel. Well, after a tour of France, Sushil left the band, but Sareena and Olivier are jamming with a new guitarist..." - Tam89 Records 

"The first Himalayan punk record ever released! First out in 2001, these 2 bands from Kathmandu, Nepal, deliver some very surprising sounds. INSIDE 2 STOOPID TRIANGLES (look at the Nepalese flag to figure out the name) give us 6 songs ranging from blazing thrash to ska-core to aggro hardcore, while the female-led RAI KO RIS have just one long but excellent track of dark, moody, noisy, abrasive but rockin postpunk. Numbered pressing of 500 on heavyweight clear vinyl, packed in a fold-out sleeve with lots of largely indecipherable graphics and Nepalese text." - Tian An Men 89.

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