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INSTANT AUTOMATONS - Another Wasted Sunday Afternoon

Hyped 2 Death

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The best of this classic D.I.Y. bands immense catalog of cassettes and vinyl 1979-82, plus never-released material. The Instant Automatons were not the most prolific of D.I.Y.s cassette-culture crowd, but the lads from Scunthorpe were arguably the most influential -- and the first to start swapping (rather than selling) cassettes. The instrumentation is sparse -- bass, guitar, and an assortment of home-built electronics -- while Mark Automaton contributes some of the finest lyrics in all of D.I.Y... A bad case of writers block spelled the end of the band in 1982, and partner/bassist/chief electrician Protag went on to Blyth Power, ATV?and the resurrected Zounds. 6-panel folder insert with bio, track-by-track commentary and plenty of photos. - Hyped2Death.

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