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ISHIGAMI, KAZUYA - Experimental Music of Japan Vol. 5: Hosshin no Kizashi

Edition Omega Point

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Subtitled: Acousmatic Electronic Works. This is the fifth volume in Edition Omega Points Experimental Music Of Japan series. Sound performer, composer and sound engineer Kazuya Ishigami was born in 1972, in Osaka. He graduated from Osaka University Of Arts in 1994. He composed his pieces for INA-GRM in August 1997. His Radiophonic work Sonic Escapism," "2nd 49" and "Whisper Of Sound God" were broadcast from Deutschlandradio in 2005-2008. Ishigami studied at music academies in Japan and France, and since 1997, has also acted as a noise/improvisation unit Billy? and Daruin. This CD consists of two recent works of "Acousmatic Electronic Music." Works in this style may be more challenging for electronic music fans because they are so academic, but Ishigamis sound is exciting and cool. "Hosshin no Kizashi" is a work based on the theme of prayer by priests in the Buddhist temple of Senkoji (in Osaka). Hosshin means "departure bodhi mind." "Hosshin no Kizashi" means there is still a hesitation. "Otokamui no Sasayaki" (trans. "Whisper of sound god"); "Oto" means "sound" in Japanese. "Kamui" means "god" in Ainu. Housed in a cardboard paper sleeve. Including newly-written liner notes in Japanese & English by the artist. Limited edition of 500 copies only." -Edition Omega Point

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