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"Poitiers is a town on the Clain River in West Central France. Lots of Visigoths used to live in Poitiers. It is currently home to a permanently stoned gallery called Le Comfort Moderne - a sort of non-profit space for Art and Music, complete with Zine Biblioteque, record shop, bar, and couscous restaurant. A wonderful place that could only exist in a town in Northern Europe. A place that trusts its citizens to take two and a half hours for lunch, get pissed, and make it back to work. It is only a place such as this that an improbable show like Black Lodge / I.U.D. could take place. Or that Black Lodge could come across a first (and only) edition print of Celines highly controversial pamphlet Bagatelles pour un massacre amongst compilation DVDs of interviews with the author. Although, despite the modest asking price of 150 euros, the book remains in the shop. 1 of every 3 people in Poitiers is under the age of 30, and 1 of every 4 people in Poitiers is a student. It has more students per inhabitant than any other city in France. There are more than 27000 of them. Surprisingly few of these students seemed to be at the show. There were two bedreadlocked crust-punks though. They wrote Squat Le Monde! on the toilet wall. They must have been either delighted or appalled to see Black Lodge lay two copies of Shaved Women Collaborators by Crass on three decks, each 7 with bits of sellotape on... I couldn't tell... a tone, a pulse, followed by a warning ("shaved women, collaborators!"). The collaborators in question were I.U.D. The alliance was formed, probably hours previously over couscous and beer. I.U.D. were billed to play separately, following Black Lodge, but given the overall nature of the event, playing together was instantly deemed preferable and appropriate. This recording is the result. At parts, it was as if a mosh pit had been digitally removed from the room." -Oliver Payne

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