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JACK RUBY - Jack Ruby (Volume 2)

Feeding Tube

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"When Don Fleming was doing the initial transfers of the tapes wed gotten retrieved from Randy Cohens barn, every evening seemed to bring a new surprise. But nothing was a bigger jawdropper than the material which makes up the second LP of our Jack Ruby archival series. The central core of the album is the 16 & a 1/2 minute track, Destroy/Lost," recorded at the bands rehearsal space in January 74. Robin Hall vocalizes and Boris plays electric viola, but the bulk of the piece is screaming analog synth weirdness from Randy Cohens Serge synthesizer. According to Robin, the track was recorded in hopes that it might be pared down to a single. Hard to imagine how the hell it mightve been done (or in what universe), but it is a masterpiece of long-format insanity -- with Boris and Robin providing a context for the massive gallumping of the Serge. Additional players appear on some of the shorter tracks -- new music/free jazz saxophonist, Pete van Riper, on "Lithium Serenade"; Boriss electric viola on "Hydrogen Lullaby"; Chris Grays guitar on "Mandible Mambo"; Rich Golds Serge joins Boris strings on "Ghost Note." The rest is the product of Randys whacked-out compositional notions and his mastery of the Serges patch-cords. Some of the material was recorded pre-Jack Ruby at Cal Arts (where Randy and Boris first met). The rest was from a performance in New York in early 74. Heard as a whole, it is a bizarrely shaped piece of the pre-punk/free-form puzzle that was Jack Ruby. Buckle up. Its going to be a bumpy ride." --Byron Coley; Includes download card. Edition of 600.

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