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Great Pop Supplement

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"Formidable full length of utterly whacked out, psych blues where the ferocity of The Sonics meets the tenderness of Galaxie 500, where the Velvets meet The Modern Lovers via the scuzz of first album Neutral Milk Hotel. A beguiling mix of beautifully tender pop which often descends into fuzz drenched, freakout mayhem courtesy of the most out there, incendiary guitar vibe presently doing the rounds.

JATS core duo consists of Kim and Jeremy from Columbia, MO. Kims Moe style drums lending perfectly to Jeremys riotous, devastating guitar mash up. Infectious, unforgettable tunes that you will return to over and over.

Previous GPS releases with the band were shared 45s with longterm Missouri friends Hush Arbors, and Wooden Wand, and both disappeared in the blink of an eye. 320 copies on numbered, split duo tone coloured wax. Packaged as ever with a loving GPS eye. It truly stands alone. Get on it!" - Great Pop Supplement.

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