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"Jeremy Freeze is a Memphis born songwriter who has spent the last few years in Columbia, Missouri playing and recording with Kim Sherman as Jerusalem and the Starbaskets. Before your preconceived notions of Missouri make things cloudy, consider the Black Artist Group, Screamin Mee Mees, Drunks with Guns, Gene Clark and a whole lot of other shit that you dont know about get in the way. Lest there be other confusion, my friend Oliver, this 65-year-old dude from Kashmir, told me DOST means brother man. So basically, DOST is friend but a more familiar way of the word. Just so happens that its the phonetic same as dosed. One crystalline thing herein is the jams. Freeze has reached that point where hes saying more by saying less and thats a level that many songwriters never reach. After a few years of playing gigs with Times New Viking, Wooden Wand and a short list of more or less limited releases, DOST is the bands first readily available release. Includes a full-color double-sided insert." - Destijl

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