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JOHNNY NOISE - The Day Is Coming


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"For the discerning pinetoppers of contemporary, post-everything aggro grit, the name JOHNNY NOISE should be synonymous with the sound of grizzled, sonic elan. One of the principal constructors of LOS LLAMARADAs estimable creepy crawl, Noises guitar howls and snarls went deep in guiding that bands portent vision of bleak, psychedelic ache. And now hes cast all his brut-moderne madrigals--drums, strings, vocals, the whole shebang--into a solo cauldron of hairy, distempered muzz for your consumption. Sounding like a lurching composite of Randy Holden, Bruce Gilbert, Steve Hall and Eric Hysteric, The Day Is Coming is the out-of-nowhere masterpiece of 2014 no one saw coming. Seriously, this is some virtual goat-killin, blood-suckin, Chupacabra-damaged, splayed-out shit! The man is back and armed to the gills. You have been hipped. Includes digital download coupon". - Siltbreeze.

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