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"October 2002 recording of improvisations and songs by Jutok Kaneko (guitar) and Takahisa Kikukawa (drums). Kaneko should be familiar to some as the man behind the heavy psychedelia of Kousokuya (whose much sought after debut LP from 1989 has finally resurfaced on PSF). Kikukawas name on the other hand will likely not ring too many bells outside of his home country but he did supply some sublimely spaced drumming to the dreamy Che-Shizu for a while and he plays percussion and piano in UZU. Both in Kousokuya and in Kanekos solo work the line between composition and improvisation is a very blurry one so its only in the loosest of terms that we say side one of this album is an improvisation" and side two consists of a couple of "songs". The LP comes in an appropriately black and black on black silkscreened cover with two screened inserts." - Siwa.

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