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KELLEY, GREG - 1 Hour As Something That Didnt Turn Out The Way I Intended It

Chocolate Monk

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-¢??Another exercise in failure. Spring 2003: With assistance from Vic Rawlings, I fill my room at Club Awesome in Somerville MA w/ electric keyboards, synth, a small organ and set them all for drone. A radio plays static. Record to MD, output MD through my stereo for low feedback. An electric fan is aimed at the microphone for the distorted vintage 78 effect (rpm, not the year). Vic bowed a single cello note at some point and a cymbal was scraped. The intent: record in mono for 2 hours, communicate with the dead. After 1 hour, I couldnt take it any more. My intended "Two hours as..." is now "One hour as..." I fussed over it for a while. Its kind of boring. I like boring, but...Late Winter 2004: I must do something with this recording. I decide to look backwards into the archives...January 8, 2000: I send out a call to arms: Meet me at Twisted Village Records, Cambridge MA at 8pm. Its Scelsis birthday and we will play a memorial dronefor him. The call was met by Oliver Alden, Mike Bullock, James Baumgartner, Seth Cluett, James Coleman, David Dougan, David Gross, Tatsuya Nakatani, Howard Stelzer, Bhob Rainey, Vic Rawlings. Some automatic instruments played themselves. Others may have been there, but I dont remember. And you cant really hear them anyway.Back to Late Winter 2004: I record a new track onto my 4 track in my bedroom in Allston MA. Trumpet and radio static. (DJ Screws ghost inhabited my 4 track near the end of this track.) Then I record a burning guitar solo for the end of my new and improved "One hour as..." The mono drone, the Scelsi tribute band, the trumpet/radio track and the HOTT guitar track are all mixed down from 4 track to MD under the influence of Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout. A vocal intro and headphone feedback interruptions are then added. The task is complete. Its a bloodbath. What have I done?-¢?¬ù

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