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KELLEY, GREG & ALEX NEILSON - Passport To Satori

Golden Lab

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"Limited to 500 copies. This beautiful super-heavyweight LP, which comes packaged in a sweet full-colour sleeve reunites the UKs premier free drummer Alex Neilson, whos played, amongst others, with Motor Ghost, Directing Hand, Trembling Bells, Tight Meat Duo, Josephine Foster, Bonnie Prince Billy, Jandek, MV&EE, Richard Youngs, Baby Dee and Alastair Galbraith, with Nmperign member Greg Kelley, whose reinvention of the trumpet is as crucial now as Anthony Braxtons reinvention of the sax was 30 years ago. A screeching, soaring, scattergun array of noises come maniacally out of Gregs horn, unlike anything weve ever heard and he successfully straddles no wave, concrete and free jazz in a way that makes those genres seem like trite pigeonholes.\r\nWeve had this recording for almost a year now and we cant tell you how excited we are to finally have it out." -Golden Lab

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