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RIP Society

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Originally released in 2010 in edition of 300 and selling out within a couple of months. Reissued (and I say reissued as we had to get new plates made) in July 2013 as its an important part of the KITCHENS FLOOR discography. Although some would argue that Still Night" is one of the worst Kitchens Floor songs, the consensus at R.I.P HQ is that its one of the best. Heres the mastermind of group MATT KENNEDYs recollection of the recording... These 3 songs were recorded in an old dilapidated share house in Spring Hill, Brisbane. They were recorded by JORDAN SWEENEY on an old reel to reel tape thing. This was late 2009, not long after Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress had been released to massive success and I was finally able to make a living from selling photos and t-shirts of my house. Many people have commented on the complete lack of appreciable sound quality for this record. Some have told me that Still Night is the worst song I have ever written. I dont think it is my best either but I have written worse, Insects for example. I am proud of this record, it is honest and is what it is. Orbit and Regrets were written from the heart, and these versions of them are raw as heck. Prominent in the mix is the sturdy bass playing of GLEN SCHENAU, and the impeccable drum work of JULIA NORRIS. That percussion pot never sounded finer than it does on this release. So go forth and listen! And hit me up if you want photos or t-shirts of my house." -Australia.

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