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KIWI ANIMAL - Music Media

Sonic Squid

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Unplayed copies of the Sonic Squid reissue of "Music Media" from 2000 (recently reissued again by Digital Regress - see write up below). Sadly, due to poor packing when these were shipped from Germany way back when, there are varying degrees of corner dings, etc. We were waiting on replacement jackets and then a decade or two went by..  so weve now priced these to move. Vinyl - New/Unplayed. Jackets - VG+. Best copies go first.. 

Cover painting by fusetron recording artist Kim Pieters (Doramaar [ 1996 LP still available], Cobweb Iris, Dadamah, Doramaar, Flies Inside The Sun, Rain..)

 "..the creation of Brent Hayward and Julie Cooper; together they released two full-length LPs in the mid-eighties, 1984s Music Media and the following years Mercy. Music Media is an ethereally beautiful folk affair, at once sinister and lovely, and possessing of a clear experimental bent. Hayward was previously involved in the fantastic art-punk quartet Shoes This High. -The Doledrums.

"Digital Regress's foray into the fabled NZ underground hops over to the North Island for two exquisite pieces of acoustic DIY and shadowy, cracked pastoralia. After a few years spleen venting at the front of Wellington art brutes Shoes This High, Brent Hayward struck out on his own, self-releasing a few EPs as Smelly Feet before forming The Kiwi Animal with Julie Cooper in 1982. The duo released their first album, Music Media, on Massage Records (their own imprint) in 1984. Billing itself 'New Acoustic Music,' the Kiwi Animal's debut is a set of introverted and austere yet lambent folk songs. Textural, gently hypnotic guitar chords anchor minimal arrangements, as Hayward and Cooper's entwined vocals -- think Pip Proud meets The Vaselines -- project paranoia and forlorn, diffident cool. Wry, imagistic lyrics somewhere between the stoned political economy of D. Boon and the head-fuck soliloquies of Robert Ashley complete The Kiwi Animal effect. The music of The Kiwi Animal, moody and intelligent and often abruptly gentle, works subcutaneously, propelled by guitars that churn and weave -- no jangle here -- and a his 'n' hers vocal delivery for the ages. Digital Regress is happy to make these essentially perfect records available again." - Digital Regress.



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