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Honey Pie

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"Recorded at the 1962 Jazz Jamboree festival in Warsaw and originally released in 1963 on Danish Metronome label, here's a true gem from one of the most important figures in Polish music and a founding father of European jazz. Ballet Etudes was one of the three full LPs released during Krzysztof Komeda's short lifetime. His fluent modern jazz conception was a perfect synthesis between the American influence and the European harmonic complexity, a unique kind of marriage colored by a clear Slavic lyricism. For many years considered a rare collector item Ballet Etudes comes back to life as a major statement in East-European music history. Featuring Allan Botschinsky (trumpet), Jan Wróblewski (tenor sax), Krzysztof Komeda (piano), Roman Dylag (bass), and Rune Carlsson (drums)." - Forced Exposure

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