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KOUSOKUYA - Ray Night 1991-1992 Live

Forced Exposure

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"First ever CD by this legendary and ultra-obscure Japanese psychedelic rock group. Kousokuya are from Tokyo, have donated some spectacular tracks to the first two volumes of the Tokyo Flashback compilation series on the PSF label, and self-released an extremely ltd. LP in 1991. The band has been around for quite some time; I originally was under the impression they formed around 1984, but was recently informed that an edition featuring Nanjo and Narita from High Rise existed going back to the late 70s!?. Either way, theyve always been pretty lo-profile, but this CD at least shines a bit of light on their extended, heavy guitar sound. An early press release for the bands describes them well: The band name Kousokuya means a ray night. Since 1984 they have been playing their own high volume heavy driven avant-garde psychedelic music. Kaneko, he always plays guitar with full of feedback. One of the outstanding guitar players in the underground scene. No one can play guitar like him. Mick, she plays bass and is also main vocalist. She sings like an angle flying from the other side of the this world. Takahashi, he plays drums and percussion. He had previously played many other free formed rock music." 69 minutes of expansive psychedelic nirvana." - FE.

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