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KUUPUU - Illusia


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vinyl debut from finlands finest fairy goddess, kuupuu (aka jonna karanka). beautiful extended tracks featuring piles of instruments and noisemakers all played by jonna. side one chugs along like a shimmering cosmic freight train, rippling with layers of hovering drones, looped and layered vocals, pitch ebb & flow, and loose tinkling percussion a disorienting & lifted vibration frozen in space. side two begins with sparse moaning vocals, klang, & bells, and slowly shifts into a stunning melancholy lo-fi folk/psych downer, with slow and beautiful vocals and plucked acoustic guitar. very sweet. plays at 33.3rpms... packaged in a lovely tri-fold heavy stock textured art paper cover, with beautiful full color art by jonna, and slick full color sunset label art. numbered edition of 600 copies. - Time-Lag.

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