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LA MAISON - Collected Tape Experiments 1980-1984


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 "La Maisons story is essentially an oral one, like for many bands in those years. Casual encounters, records found and exchanged, demos recorded at home, live club shows in a country that in those years was changing socially and culturally at the speed of light, and was molding itself at the rate of a fluid modernity. The tracks of this album, Collected Tape Experiments 1980-1984, all recorded between 1980 and 1984, tell the story of a world where synthesizers and drum machines coexist and replace traditional rock instruments. Where homemade overdubs broaden the spectrum of sonic possibilities and the cut and paste" of tapes is done, literally, by hand. A world in which the first infatuations for wave and industrial are contaminated with no prejudice by the rhythms and sounds of funk and disco. A milestone for those who want to understand the vibrant landscape of Italian music of the eighties, many times too hectic and elusive to be captured in real time. Twenty one tracks on CD and twelve on vinyl, most of them never published before, see the light of day more than thirty years after their creation." - Livia Satriano.

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