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LAURICE - Best Of Laurice Volume 1

Mighty Mouth Music

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"70s rock meets mainstream British pop in an explosive style fusion of pre-punk, glam, psychedelic and gay themed musical gems by controversial British rocker LAURICE. Recorded in the early to mid-70s at various studios in London, UK, these tracks, many previously unreleased, demonstrate the versatility and originality of a singer-songwriter who challenged societys rules. British rock was always LAURICEs roots. From the pre-punk underground classic hits When Christine Comes Around/I?m Gonna Smash Your Face In to the heavily impassioned openly gay anthem He?s My Guy and the highly sexualized gay lyrics of Wild Sugar, to the S&M master-slave darkside of Born To Serve, LAURICE constantly challenged himself and his musical peers to explore out of the mainstream music box. His influences ranged from Lou Reed and Cream, to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and various 70s British pop bands. Take a listen to this treasure trove of incredible tracks. LAURICE was a star, far ahead of his time, and suffered mightily for fighting the conventions of the day." - Mighty Mouth Music.

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