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LE TON MITE - We Need to Grow to Giant Size

Yik Yak

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Baptized in the flames of the music world as openers\r\nfor the likes of \r\nDeerhoof, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, and Calvin Johnson,\r\nLe Ton Mites off hand influences simmer amid a mire\r\nof Morse-code tones resulting in the spirit of the\r\nguitar being thrown to the ground if not the actual\r\ninstrument itself" (LA Weekly). Based in Olympia,\r\nWashington, Le Ton Mite takes its cues from broken\r\nfolk to reinvent the wheels of rock. The trio of\r\nvocalists, duo of guitars and solo keyboard play songs\r\nbased on group improvization and the boiled down\r\ncompositions of ringleader McCloud Zicmuse. "We Need\r\nto Grow to Giant Size" documents the seed from which\r\nthe band has indeed grown. This recording is a limited\r\nedition of 500 numbered copies in handmade\r\nletterpressed packaging designed and printed by Zicmuse." - Yik Yak.

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