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LES BLOUSONS NOIRS - Les Blousons Noirs 1961-62

Born Bad

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2007 release. A must-have for every fan of weird music and people who dig Hasil Adkins, The Shaggs, Los Saicos and other types of primitive rock n roll. Taken from the WFMU blog: I was half-expecting this LP that arrived featuring gobbledy-gook, electric-guitar-played-with-mittens French covers of Johnny B Goode and Be Bop A Lula to be some kind of elaborate prank on the Norton/Crypt crowd, but the Born Bad labels JB Guillot assures us of the bonafide primitive genius of Les Blousons Noirs, whose 1961 and 1962 EPs have just been issued on a single LP. If this is indeed the case, these guys have ascended to the automatic altar of Hasil, King Usniewicz and the U-Turns for pure stupe-rock greatness, and even predate The Shaggs by half a decade. Says JB: Maybe its the first proto punk/DIY in the world ... if I have a good memory, Chicken Walk (Hasil Adkins) is from 1961, too. Even in France, nobody knows Les Blousons Noirs, this band is really the greatest discovery of my life as a record-digger. I have searched for members of this band for five years, but to no avail. I have published want ads in national magazines, talked with all the biggest French 60s collectors, etc.) but never found anything. I met an old guy who worked with 60s bands from Bordeaux, and in his opinion, Les Blousons Noirs were a couple of "pieds noirs" ("black feet" -- French people who lived in Algeria during the French colonization. The studio Guilain where both EPs were recorded was located on a street with a clothing manufacturer on it. The guy thinks the band worked at this manufacturer and that they were only in Bordeaux temporarily. It could be one of the reasons we have never found them. Wowza." -Brian Turner, WFMU.


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