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LINNEGARS SNAKESHED, STEVE - Karate Moves: The Mystical World of Karate


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"Narrated by Mike Faure, featuring the music of Steve Linnegars Snakeshed. Warehouse find of original copies of the final LP release from South African collector-underground legend Steve Linnegar. As with his two previous LPs Classic Epics and Music for Shogun), spreading the martial arts message is paramount, and Snakeshed here provide an atmospheric backdrop (and, at times, frontispiece) to the vivid audio documentary on the mystical world of karate. It is a revelation to the layman and a great motivating vehicle for the karate student!. Those privileged souls who have already entered Snakesheds world will find the signature spacey keyboards and intricate guitarwork in abundance, and, with the help of Faures crisp and clear narrative, might learn something too!" - GNP/Crescendo.
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