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LOLINA - Live In Paris

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Inga Copeland releases her second album under the Lolina moniker, Live In Paris. Originally released via Vimeo, some material on Live In Paris is taken from previous releases, Relaxin With Lolina (2015) and the Hyperdub compilation Hyperdub 10.3 (2014). Copeland, an Estonian-Russian artist, considers the delicate socio-political atmosphere of Paris in 2015 and 2016, performing the 35-minuute set with a multi-screen projection of a giant monopoly board surrounding her. A review" from an unknown source: "God, reviews can be LOL. So well presume you know your own mind and taste. Let us scrub all metaphor. Well resist comparison. Todays musical tenor overlooked, well refuse to dissect. Moments preferred are muted. We wont highlight respite or forgiveness. Theres no considering of geographical fact. Well shut our ears to technology."

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