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LOSE, BRUCE - Whats Your Name/Waking To Sleep


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"Very weird 1983 solo single from Bruce Lose of Flipper. First song has drum machine, echo/vibrato guitar, distorted bass, phase shifting/distorted guitar, rambling, abstract lyrics, and a Flipper-like slow beat with repetitive bass pattern. Other song has drum machine, tapes, bass notes from some instrument, even weirder lyrics...sounds a lot like early Royal Trux, actually. (Hey, could Hagerty, a professed Flipper fan, have possibly COPPED HIS SOUND FROM THIS?)" - Tim Ellison/Modern Rock Mag.

Original copies of this 1983 single of homemade rhythm box electronics by Flippers Bruce Lose. Some have compared this to primitive new wave recluse John Bender, which isnt too far off. 

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