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"S.S. Records is really happy to release vinyl debut of Low Red Center. While their sound centers around electronics, to call them a minimal synth band or electronica or post-punk is selling them short. Low Red Center not only have a great sound, but they have great songs, and a couple of ace singers. Originally a studio project, in 2004 Low Red Center morphed into an improvised group. Containing members of Voxtrot, Oblong Boys, Pataphysics, Spoon, NonoBangBang, and other Austin bands, LRC staged shows that involved heavy costuming, theater, dance, and, of course, music. Eventually, many of these improvised pieces were molded into songs. In the words of Chad A., The object of Low Red Center is an exercise in improvisation and communication. Surprising ourselves as musicians by experimenting and discovering on stage, in front of an audience is of our goals. Restraint and listening are our approach to playing. A dedication to succinct presentation prevents unwanted jamming and convinces the audience that what we are performing are practiced, pre-written songs. The sound we have in mind is minimal and somewhat alien, with a vague film noir feel. This tension is frequently broken with a faster, more jagged post-punk approach. The recordings present a studio translation of our live principals, but with the luxuries of production embellishment and craft. Everything was performed (no sequencing) on analog electronic synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and electric guitar and bass. All the drum machines were actual individual organisms, breathing with us in the studio--nothing was sampled and rearranged. No computers were used. Influenced by Cluster, John Foxx, Tuxedomoon, Bruce Haack, Crash Course in Science, Silver Apples, Raymond Scott, and Goblin, you can also hear Relando & the Loaf, Devo, the Plastics and others in their sound." - S-S.

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