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Ecstatic Peace

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"LP version with glossy insert. Samara Lubelskis 5th solo LP Future Slip serves up a gorgeous and friendly collection of bittersweet melodies, sinister basslines, gestural Polaroid lyrics, and spot-on drumming garnished with sprigs of fuzz, paired with a guitar Riesling. It is a record of knowledge and innocence, of truth and fairytale, of wonder and clarity. Envision France Gall performing the songs of Sterling Morrison and Mo Tucker with Ralph Molina on drums. The show is at a loft across Bowery from CBGBs and the only person in the audience at soundcheck is Jandek, cross-legged in the middle of the floor. Produced by Thurston Moore. And here is the result: Future Slip is a worldly record, a record which offers a taste of the new dimension but warns of guru bummers. To a sunny day it adds the shadows which allow the perception of depth. On a rainy day it offers a selection of cakes. Anyone who does not dig this record deserves our pity, as they know nothing about the joy or sadness of life." -Ecstatic Peace

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