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LYD)2 - Elefanta Poteket Bukentaur

Norway Rat

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If like me you sometimes wish to have your dusted fuzz rock built up around melodic structures youll find this little piece of pink vinyl very enjoyable. The a-side is the most intensely rocking one, starting out like an uncontrollable volcano of raw, pounding Dead C-esque noise before gradually keys are brought into the mix and distinctly slow things down to something very repetitive and hypnotic. To a large extent, that comes from the drum playing which is excellent throughout, very heavy and rhythmic but somehow seems more inspired by jazz and Krautrock than of classic rock. The b-side is more jam-like, combining powerful drumming with guitars and electronics into a tidal wave of sound where every instrument is clearly visible yet obviously a part of something much bigger. This is an impressive debut that comes recommended both to fans of throb rock, post-rock and of the heavier side of things Krautish. - Mats Gustafson (Broken Face).

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