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MACLISE, ANGUS/HETTY MACLISE - Dreamweapon II - Secret History


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First pressing. Edition of 500.

DREAMWEAPON II features previously-unreleased material by Angus and Hetty MacLise from the Angus MacLise audio archive.
Also includes a risograph-printed facsimile of YEAR, a broadside poster by Angus MacLise originally issued in 1965. In a screen-printed sleeve, limited to 500 unnumbered copies.\r\nCover - Secret History" by Dana Young.
\r\nBack Cover - "Griffon Colony, Varanasi" by Ira Cohen.
\r\nPreviously available as an extremely limited run as a giveaway CD-R exclusively at the opening of the DREAMWEAPON exhibit in May. This LP release features significantly extended and remastered versions of four of the tracks from the DREAMWEAPON II giveaway CD-R." - Boo-Hooray.
A1:Bash Bish (Berkshires Group, ca. 1968-1969) 1"42"
A2:November 1965 (Angus MacLise (Bell) and Hetty MacLise (organ)) 16"26"
A3:Untitled (Angus MacLise, cymbal & drum; no date) 2"40"
B1:Organ Expo 1969 18"58"

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