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MAD NANNA / THE BIBS - Spit 2013

All Gone

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Late last summer, our pals departed from Melbourne Australia, to come State side, on a pilgrimage, mission you ask? to spread that special sound weve all come accustomed to but rarely see in this land of late. They met us halfway a little closer to the East coast i suppose, So we said hey buds, lets make a splitter for these dates we got together! heck why not.
\r\nSo here it is.... Mad Nanna plays a long burner at their farewell gig, an extended version of Nectarine Tree that can be found on their stellar 7 released on Soft Abuse last year. Sounds like PiP Proud covering Sex is Confusion with that "Ocean" style single chord trance jamming.\r\n

\r\nThe goon squad does a miserable cover of Mike Rep &Tommy Jays "pop another pill". As I recall it was another shitty day in Detroit, we were Drunk it seemed like a good idea. Also an alternate mix of a track to appear on our upcoming 12" and some weird Canadian am radio crime report, watch your ipods in windsor kiddies..." - All Gone.
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