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MAGIK MARKERS - Ice Skater/Machines

Drag City

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What a single! Magik Markers put the sense-and-sensibility back into sensuality with Ice Skater, which radiates the mystic allure and cool remove of the best of them pretzel people n cold-water dancers. Theres always been that starched-collar, puritanical undercarriage to the MM vibe, right? Well here, it melts all over you with a winsome melody, bloodless disco beat and nu-romance synths blearing in pastel flares behind. This aint your fathers Magik Markers -- and now that youre ten, you can make up your own mind about what Magik Markers u want in ur life, LOL. Course, knowing the gutter-obsessional bent of Magik Markers, maybe Ice Skater is just about blowing meth too, right? The B-side balances the new Markers scale with a blast of freejams based on the chords of... well, no chords. - Drag City

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