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MAJOR, PAUL - Catalog #14

Paul Major

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"Record dealer Paul Majors staple-bound catalogs were distributed under the various guises of Sound Effects, Feel the Music, and briefly Xtabay. While on one level these catalogs acted as consumer guides, they also contain some of the most exemplary music writing put to page, at once both surreal and precise. Cloaked within these terse, stream-of-consciousness descriptions of rare psych, private pressings, and other incredibly strange LPs, stand Paul Majors revolutionary ideas on the necessity of the human element in art and the purpose of music, as well as highly entertaining observations on the lifestyles of the 60s, 70s, and 80s." - Johan Kugelberg (from "Enjoy the Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992").

\r\n\r\nVarious catalogs, spanning the late 80s to 2000-ish, all recently pulled from storage, mostly in vg+/nm, "non-perused" condition. A few have slight yellowing, minor creasing, and a couple are even postmarked returns. First come, first served. No Xtabays available.\r\nNumbers are assigned more or less arbitrarily and do not indicate chronological order (this is not a complete run) - there are very few dates and no "issue numbers", just foggy memories, so were selling by front cover images with prices based on quantity available. And keep in mind, due to the nature of what these are, there will obviously be overlapping content.
\r\nThese are key documents in the evolution of underground record collecting from arguably the most influential collector/tracker/dealer, bookending the rise and fall of the "infamous" "psych mafia", who set the rules (i.e. prices) prior to the ebay/youtube/blog playfield-leveling of the last 10+ years.. See how it used to be.
\r\nA collection of Pauls catalog writings coming soon via Boo-Hooray.
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