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MAJOR STARS - Rock Revival,The

Twisted Village

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Major Stars, men (and woman) who have made many records, up the pile one more with The Rock Revival. Guitarists Wayne & Kate come to Major Stars straight from Magic Hour, whose quick ascent from snarly West Coast-influenced rock band to all instrumental thugs brought many a tear To helpless Galaxie 500 fans. Bassist Tom Leonard has been at one time or another a member of every non-Magic Twisted Village ensemble, and Dave laid down the big beat in Vermonster. Now that these four have reconvened, they are taking their LOUD polystructural ROCK to the people. The Rock Revival consists of four songs. The first, Rock Revival Theme, is a purely free bit of tape captured at one of their bi-weekly recording sessions. On follows, a lovely little tune that then gets masterfully deconstructed for 13+ minutes. Strange Reaction is the token short song that sets up the epic Deep End, their live instrumental tour-de-force. Throughout the disc they jump in and out of structure and freedom like no other post-Isle Of Wight rock ensemble can. And theyre that loud. Really. Go see them fuck up the upcoming Terrastock in SF.-Twisted \r\nVillage.

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