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MAJOR STARS - Space/Time

Twisted Village

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Space/Time is the Major Stars second full length attempt to explode the boundaries of Rock-with-a-capital-R. Side one features two songs with pickin and singin: Apples To Grapes is a moody folk rock number that gets blown apart in a hurry & subjected to several improvisational deconstructions in the course of its 14+ minutes, and Runout is done up short n pretty to set you up for the all-instrumental Side Two. Getting Air From A Stone is a riff heavy cruncher, while Dream Of The Accidental Bird follows its brief opening revolving door with a massive & exhilarating one chord jam thatll twist your insides just right. The CD adds one track from their now out-of-print debut 12 Rock Sounds Of People -- the pounding Its A Blessing, Brother, I Cannot Lie, a song so relentlessly single minded that the band was asked daily who the hell it was a cover of (Wayne, in fact, wrote far less time than it took to play it). Major Stars aim to take higher-key improvisational wizardry and clobber you on the head with it while simultaneously caressing your mind. Space/Time does just that."-Twisted Village.

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