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MAMITORI ULITHI EMPRESS YONAGUNI SAN - 123 Fairy Tail Chimidoro Phenomenon Satan Inferno Dress Ha Cattlemurarete Yggdrasill HAwa Sasaru

Mamitori Ulithi Empress Yonaguni San

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2012 release. Third album from this band (formerly known as Mamitori) made up of Aritomo, Tadasuke Iwanaga, Shingo Nakata, Kenji Itagaki, and Ai Tsuchikwa (all painters). Hand painted/collaged covers and insert.

"They are a Japanese rock band.

Mamitori Ulithi empress yonaguni san was named "Mamitori" in 2000 first. And they released their 1st LP in 2003.

And a Japanese label released their 2nd album CD in 2008. For first ten years, they continued performing a great deal of live performance.

I remember that many young visitors praised their live performance.

They changed their name a few years ago and they get absorbed in recording. They continued recording enormous quantity and collected nice takes.

Their music may be rock. However, it does not resemble other rocks. 

A reviewer wrote it is psychedelic. Really? A listener said it is like New Wave bands. Or? Another listener think it is like garage-rock...

The music is not free improvisation. However, each musical instrument often breaks rules on purpose.

The rhythm with the regularity becomes often irregular. The songs are sung like whisper.

They are fraught with much abstractness. Are they atmospheres such as underground music? However, some songs have feeling such as pop music.

At all events it will be splendid music. Please listen to this if you want to listen to rock which does not resemble other rocks.

By the way, they changed their name again and released their next LP by the French label "bruit direct disques" in 2018."

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