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"MAMMATUS are a new four piece rock band from Santa Cruz, California. The album consists of four long tracks, the longest, Dragon of the Deep Part 2" clocks in at a staggering 25 minutes long. With an excess of fuzz and wah noise they manage to combine all the best b-its of 70s psychedelic rock with the sonic attack of early Monster Magnet as they simultaneously enter the realm of heavy drone sludge rock. The sleeve of this album was crafted by ARIK ROPER who has also worked with likes of Sleep, Sunn O))), Comets on Fire and Arthur Magazine. Since forming at the begining of 2005 Mammatus have been playing regularly in their native town of Santa Cruz and in venues in San Fransisco, which has gathered them lots of praise and interest. They are embarking on an intense nation wide tour with their friends Residual Echoes this summer."

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