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MAN MADE HILL - Puzzle Answers

Beniffer Editions

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"Have you ever heard a pinball machine collapse down a flight of touch sensitive keyboard stairs? Have you lived la vida loca with marinara coursing through your veins? Have you ever seen or felt the white soul combing the churn of a century-old fox trot interlude? The debut long playing vinyl of Randy Gagnes Man Made Hill is the key to that door. Behind it ceiling fans actively seek out shit piles to fling into the brackish waft of a slaughterhouse dance floor where corpulent slabs of nameless meat careen off their hooks in a mockery of modern dance. Technotronic hot flashes floss the slippery keyboard runs of a synthesized marimba with food poisoning recalling the histrionic hand clapping and mellifluous tinsel pulling of The Flying Lizards. During a sentimental reprieve an overworked farm hand ceases his ploughing and looks up to a horizon riddled with plush clouds and mops his brow with a dirty handkerchief. Its been a long hot day and its time to do the pump rectilinear the air we breathe._Ç _¢‚Ǩ¬®The result is a sort of pelvis pulverizing one is not likely to forget, with crowd favorites like Kool Cops", "Get Gout" and 12 other potential anthems for a sprawling gaggle of straggly-haired genetically-indifferent lovers. Tower of Randy for pres!_¢‚Ǩ¬®The record itself is pressed on white vinyl in a silkscreened sleeve designed by Martina Hwang, Bartosz Gawdzik and Andrew Zukerman." -Beniffer Editions.

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