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MASON, JOSH - Coquina Dose


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Limited to 150. "Coquina Dose is an album of uncommonly intimate gestures and reflections, many of which are inspired by Josh Mason’s lifelong home of Florida—what it means to live there, other people’s perceptions of it, and its unofficial status a “humidity kingdom.” In evoking this atmosphere, Mason utilizes guitar and tape, which has been so emblematic of his work, but also further engages with new ideas in synthesis, and even the bio-feedback of plants. The processes are fascinating but ultimately secondary to the emotional tenor of the album. It’s remarkable how gentle, reflective, and quivering—really, how alive this music is. 

Consistent through Mason’s work on labels like Dauw, Desire Path, and Scissor Tail is an appreciable sense of beauty, to be sure, but also real emotional resonance. Coquina Dose evokes a great deal through modest gestures, from the effervescence of the opener (“Crack the Juice Code”) through to the wrenching elegy of “Pelagic Scout Badge”. With this new work, Mason expands his sound, exploring new areas while retaining the essence of what made his prior work so meaningful. In this sense, it is a tender achievement." - Florabelle.
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