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MASTER MUSICIANS OF JAJOUKA - The Music And Ritual Of Jajouka, Morocco

Sol Re Sol

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Full title: The Primal Energy that is the Music and Ritual of Jajouka, Morocco. In 1972, Joel Rubiner made his way to Jajouka to do fresh recordings of the group. He knew that there was an audience for the unfiltered sounds of the Master Musicians of Jajouka and spends the summer with a tape machine and the musicians. Jams formed into songs, Rubiner had tapes that music freaks would die for. Hypnotic, pulsing, energetic, and discordant - the Rubiner recordings needed to be released. In 1974, Adelphi Records took a chance on the Master Musicians and released The Primal Energy that is the Music and Ritual of Jajouka, Morocco. When the album was released on CD, it netted the All Music Guides Best of Genre award. Out of print on vinyl for over twenty years, The Primal Energy... makes a return on Sol Re Sol Records (a spin-off of avant-rock label S.S. Records). Sol Re Sols repressing of this classic album contains the music of the original (remastered by John Golden), plus the original liner notes by Robert Palmer. The packaging however is something new - housed in a gatefold sleeve, it includes a new cover with little seen Rubiner photographs from the time the album was recorded. The recordings and photographs have been fully licensed. The groups publishing royalties have been paid. No one is getting exploited in order to return this wonderful music to vinyl. Fans of Sublime Frequencies, Mississippi Records, the Nonesuch Explorer series, Ocura Records, and the Ethnic Folkways series will dig this release. -Sol Re Sol

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