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"Mauthausen Orchestras Necrofellatio, originally released as a cassette in 1983, is now reissued on vinyl for the first time. Its one of a series of amazing tapes that Pierpaolo Zoppo released on Aquilifer Sodality in the early 80s. Tape after tape, Mauthausen Orchestra produced, in a few years, the backbone of what came to be known as an alienating and extremist style, made of metal nightmares and sonic torture often dilated, dissected, and extended to the limit of endurance. Conflict carries us, once again, as real rituals of a civilization without gods, in a pure world of suffering. Infinite modulations toward a sky that has now disappeared and become locked in concrete. A fierce nihilism that overflows into the undefined territory between mind and matter, marking the brain and skin. A single act of sensory rape in an effort to deconstruct any rational particle that approaches the sound composition. Mauthausen Orchestra was one of the most important musical projects of the Italian industrial scene and contributed to the birth of power electronics and harsh noise across the globe". - Urashima.

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