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"a curious mixture; the floating light ambient of Golden\r\nSand, moody disjointed sound collages on Beneath the Rose and the\r\npulsing darkness of the legendary Barricades, the first of the Ventricle\r\nreleases and showing the different moods of Treva." - Ventricle. All available titles from Mauve Sideshows (post-Kangaroo Kourt) long running label, exclusively releasing experimental, "mysterious female vox".\r\n"(Mauve Sideshow is an) extraordinary trippy US girl combo, sometimes kinda Current 93 meets "space whisper" era Gong, other times a weird space-trip, brain movie, noise & soundscape trip & flip out! There are numerous other Ventricle label interconnected acts to check-out, like: Angel Provocateur, Blessed Oblivion, Minus Infinity, Mistress Of Strands, Thistle, Torn Curtain, etc." - Ultima Thule. "A new CD on Mauve Sideshows Ventricle label\r\nis always a thrilling event." - FE.

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