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Longtime friends who had hoped to play together for some time, Fullman and Meehan were surprised by the initial efforts of their collaboration. Their instruments -- or rather the sounds of their instruments meeting in the acoustic space -- strongly influenced one another: combination tones, sympathetic resonances, beating, and even cancellation of each others sound. Mapping routes through this unusual territory would become the piece presented here in three parts. The recording was made Easter (R.C.) weekend 2006. It is an acoustic work, recorded in stereo, without overdubbing or effects. Ellen Fullmans long string instrument is a unique instrument of her own invention. Waist high, parallel wires, strung in two sets span 14 meters. Fullman produces rich, microtonal drones by pacing up and down the wires and applying friction with her fingertips. Each of her ten fingers precisely finds the appropriate string and the sound emanates from wooden box resonators bolted into the wall. At her studio where this CD was recorded, the strings run through the patio door and terminate in the backyard: the extra\r\nlength affords me an additional lower octave," Fullman explains. For the last ten years or so, Sean Meehan has been focusing on playing the snare drum with cymbals. On this recording he produces long, continuous tones from them using a dowel and friction." - Cut.

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