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"K-85 is one of DAN MELCHIOR's more song-based albums, with lo-fi electronic interludes interspersed between and occasionally through. Lyrical themes deal with some familiar standbys: isolation, daily humdrum, contempt for contemporary culture and a failure to be honest with ourselves. An occasional feigned Luddism might seem at odds with the bastard synthesising of traditional folk, but reflects more a weariness with his world from which solace can be found in the love of his wife LETHA. For those unaware, its an ideal album to begin their discovery of Dans amazingly rich, varied and consistent body of work-and as his first release on an Australian label we can hope that happens in spades-while his loyal fanbase need it as much as any of his previous releases. Let it be known that we here at Aarght Records are nursing a professional jealousy at Homeless coup in releasing K-85. This is a brilliant record". -Homeless.

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