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MELTAOT - First and Second Rites

The Tapeworm

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Cassette-only release in a limited-edition of 250 copies. Meltaot are a bass-heavy, improvised noise duo made up of UK artist/musician/broadcaster Sharon Gal and artist/writer/musician SavX (aka Savage Pencil aka Edwin Pouncey). After recording together at a session for Pestrepeller (the other band they are a part of), they decided to take the project one step further and record as a separate entity. Although black metal, drone and doom would seem to be at the core of what Meltaot are involved with here, the real intention was to paint a series of atmospheric sound pictures (not all of them dark) using voice, bass guitar and other instrumentation/effects as their materials. This is the first release by Meltaot. There will be others. SavX (electric rooster" guitar); Sharon Gal (electric bass guitar, voice, percussion, feedback). Recorded at the SavLab, 6/17/2009. Illustration by SavX." -The Tapeworm

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