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DUMAY, MEMO - Live Teatro Italia


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"Since 1996 Juan Guillermo Dumay - aka Memo, Memoria Radial, Manta Espectra - has been guitarist in the band Panico, an iconic group on the Chilean DIY scene in the 90s. Panico’s discography, anchored in garage rock and art-punk, covers electronics, cold-wave, cumbia and noise over the past fifteen years. The group publishes albums on Sony, EMI, Tigersushi, Chemikal Underground, Desire and on their own label called Combo discos.

In 2010 he formed with a bunch of musicians, the group El gran chufle. The sound of EGC is defined by a retro-futurist reading of contrasting genres such as the golden age of surf-music, the musique concrète, kosmische musik or exotica, to mention few of them. Their discographie include an EP and two albums, edited by Hueso-Records and Cosmovision Registros Andinos." - Memo Dumay

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